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Mr. Luc beaulieu, certified end of life doula

Born and raised in Grand Falls, NB, Luc established a life in the Acadian Peninsula after completing an Engineering Degree at University of Moncton.


Navigating through life dealing with significant health challenges, Luc developed an interest in multiple alternative healing modalities as life brought him to move to Moncton. On the path of re-established health, Luc has become compassionate for those who suffer and developed a passion to be of service to those who seek healing.

Currently practicing in the arts of Energy Healing, Luc is also of service in the process of death, dying and grievance. As an End Of Life Doula, Luc offers support, guidance and companionship to those facing and impacted by the loss of physical life.


In addition to pursuing his Death Doula Mission (see below), providing consultation for the planning of green burial is something that Luc holds dear to his heart. Exploring his love of nature and appreciating evolving and innovative practices is what Luc lives and breaths. It is an honour for Luc to provide compassionate assistance to those making decisions and arrangements on their final resting place. Understanding the value of giving back, Luc currently volunteers with the Hospice, facilitating a monthly Death Café and various grief and bereavement support groups.

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Death CAFÉ de la mort

Death is a natural part of life, but it's not always easy to talk about… That's where the Death Café comes in of which Luc is the honorable host.

Whether you're grappling with the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, or just looking to explore the topic of mortality, our Death Café offers a welcoming and non-judgmental space for discussion.

This is a free drop-in conversation with no pre-registration required. 


Brix Experience, 245 St. George St. Moncton., New-Brunswick, Ca

Luc's Death Doula Mission

With the vision (understanding) that physical death is actually birth into a new world, I strive to
offer support to the dying and those affected.


I wish to help navigate the decision making process while establishing desires for end of life

As a compassionate listener, it is my mission to help those in need to move away from a space
of fear, anger, resentment, and guilt into a space of love, peace, gratitude, acceptance and
deeper understanding. It is my desire to help embellish the experience of transition to ease the
realization of departure.

I commit to help mediate differences within the surroundings for all to reach a common

Through active listening, I commit to offer guidance and insights for self-realization and
energetically, mentally, and emotionally support the process of letting go.

I offer my physical, energetic and spiritual presence and support during and throughout the
transition process.

For those remaining, I offer grief and bereavement support in order to live fully and lovingly in
remembrance and honour of the departed.

Cost per session: $100 cad plus tax


You can request a meeting with Mr. Beaulieu directly with his email or through us. 

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