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Traditional Cemeteries: A Space Dilemma

Traditional cemeteries are facing a growing problem: they're running out of space. As cities expand and populations increase, finding new burial plots is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. This challenge is prompting a rethink of how we honor our loved ones after they pass away.

At Celebration Green Cemetery, we're transforming this problem into an opportunity for sustainable change. Instead of using large granite tombstones, we use full-grown trees as natural markers. We also use Capsula Mundi, biodegradable urns that decompose after 3 years. 

Basically, we can never run out of land. 

This approach not only saves space but also creates a peaceful, living environment that celebrates life in a beautiful, natural way. Our green burial practices, including biodegradable urns, ensure that every burial contributes positively to the environment, leaving a legacy that benefits future generations.

Choosing a green burial at Celebration Green Cemetery means choosing to honor your loved ones in a way that respects the earth and creates a lasting, living tribute. It's a step towards a more sustainable future, addressing the space dilemma while offering a serene and meaningful resting place.

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