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Celebrating Life: Exclusive Gift Packages Worth $1,000 with

Celebration Green Cemetery Exciting News from Celebration Green Cemetery! 



Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Celebration Green Cemetery, New Brunswick's innovative and eco-conscious burial service. As part of our dedication to providing sustainable end-of-life options, we are introducing a special promotion to celebrate this milestone with our community.


For the first 50 individuals who choose Celebration Green Cemetery for their final resting place, we are offering an exclusive gift worth $1000! This gift allows recipients to select from a variety of packages filled with activities from other local businesses, ensuring a delightful and personalized experience. Whether it's a gourmet dining experience, a luxurious spa day, or an outdoor adventure, our gift packages offer something for everyone to enjoy.


At Celebration Green Cemetery, we understand that end-of-life planning is about more than just practical arrangements. It's about providing peace of mind to friends and families while also offering the opportunity to create beautiful life experiences and meaningful memories.


This gift is redeemable for a full year from the date of issue, giving recipients ample opportunity to explore and enjoy the activities included in their chosen package.


This promotion celebrates the launch of Celebration Green Cemetery and encourages you to choose an experience that celebrates this important phase of life and that protects mother earth.


To learn more about Celebration Green Cemetery and take advantage of this special offer, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Thank you for choosing Celebration Green Cemetery as your partner in commemorating life's journey with respect for the earth we call home.


Warm regards,

Monique and Renelle


Click here for Terms and Conditions:

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Choose between these gift packages to enjoy with friends and/or family after reserving a full service with us, and create unforgettable memories together.


Algonquin hotel and restaurant,
Saint-Andrews N.-B

With a $1000 gift package at The Algonquin Resort, guests can indulge in a truly unforgettable experience. They could: Treat themselves to a luxurious spa day, enjoying a variety of treatments and massages to relax and rejuvenate. Spend a day on the golf course, playing a round of golf and enjoying refreshments at the clubhouse. Dine at the resort's fine dining restaurant, indulging in gourmet cuisine and fine wines. Explore the surrounding area with guided outdoor activities such as kayaking or nature walks. Take advantage of the resort's amenities, from the indoor pool to the fitness center, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling stay. Overall, The Algonquin Resort offers a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway or an action-packed adventure. See their website for more information: Mary Cameron:

The Black Rabbit Experience, 
Moncton NB

Nestled in the heart of Moncton, the Black Rabbit is renowned for offering a luxurious gastronomical experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you choose to indulge in a refined dining experience at their exquisite restaurant or opt for the convenience of private catering in the comfort of your own home, the Black Rabbit promises to elevate your culinary journey to new heights. At the Black Rabbit, every aspect of your dining experience is meticulously curated to delight your senses and leave a lasting impression. From the elegant ambiance to the impeccable service, every detail is designed to ensure your satisfaction. For those seeking a memorable evening out with friends, reserving a luxury dining experience at the Black Rabbit is the epitome of sophistication. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary delights as you savor expertly crafted dishes showcasing the finest ingredients and innovative flavor combinations. From tantalizing appetizers to decadent desserts, each dish is a work of art that reflects the culinary mastery of the Black Rabbit's talented chefs. Alternatively, for those who prefer the convenience and intimacy of hosting an event at home, the Black Rabbit offers private catering services that bring the luxury of their restaurant directly to you. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or a lavish celebration, their team will work closely with you to customize a menu tailored to your preferences and dietary needs. From elegant canapés to gourmet multi-course meals, each dish is expertly prepared using the freshest seasonal ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your guests. No matter the occasion or the number of guests, the Black Rabbit's commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Reach out to their team to plan your ultimate food experience and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're celebrating a special milestone or simply gathering with loved ones, let the Black Rabbit exceed your expectations and elevate your dining experience to extraordinary heights. See their website for more information:

Black Rabbit 1.png
usva spa.png

1000$ USVA Spa,
Moncton, NB

The Usva Experience Stop time. Let go of daily stresses. Escape to a world where everything centers around relaxation The USVA Spa Nordik in Moncton, New Brunswick, offers a serene retreat for wellness seekers. Nestled amidst natural surroundings, it provides a holistic approach to wellbeing, blending Nordic spa therapies with modern practices. Guests indulge in hydrotherapy experiences, including saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and cold plunge pools, promoting relaxation and detoxification. Luxurious spa treatments like massages and facials further enhance the experience, using premium products to rejuvenate the body and mind. Mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation are encouraged in the spa's tranquil setting, fostering inner peace and mental clarity. Overall, choosing a USVA Spa Nordik package is an investment in self-care, providing a respite from daily stresses and nurturing holistic wellbeing. See their website for more information:

1000$ Creekside RnR, Cocagne NB

A true Atlantic Canada glamping experience available 4 Seasons. Includes food, meditation packages, nordic spa experience and more. Choosing a package at Creekside RnR in Cocagne, New Brunswick, promises an extraordinary retreat filled with relaxation, rejuvenation, and memorable experiences. Nestled in the picturesque countryside, Creekside RnR offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests embarking on this indulgent getaway can expect a personalized and immersive experience tailored to their preferences and desires. Here's what they can anticipate: Luxurious Accommodations: Your stay begins with luxurious accommodations in Creekside RnR's charming and cozy cabins or cottages. Nature Immersion: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature surrounding Creekside RnR. Explore scenic walking trails, relax by the tranquil creek, or simply soak in the serenity of the natural surroundings. Wellness Activities: Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with a variety of wellness activities. Enjoy yoga sessions amidst nature, indulge in soothing massages, or partake in mindfulness workshops to promote overall well being. Gourmet Dining: Delight your taste buds with gourmet dining experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients and expertly crafted dishes. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a celebratory feast with friends and family. Outdoor Adventures: For those seeking adventure, Creekside RnR offers a plethora of outdoor activities to satisfy every thrill-seeker. From kayaking and paddleboarding on the creek to hiking through lush forests, there's no shortage of excitement to be had. Lasting Memories: Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, reconnecting with loved ones, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat. See their website for more information:

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molly maid.png

1000$ Molly Maid cleaning services, different locations throughout Canada

With this package from Molly Maid, you're not just receiving a cleaning service – you're investing in peace of mind, convenience, and a healthier, happier home environment. Here's what this gift package could do for you: Professional Cleaning Expertise: Molly Maid's team of trained professionals brings years of experience and expertise to every cleaning job. From dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning and sanitizing, you can trust that your home will receive the highest quality of care and attention to detail. Time-saving Convenience: Say goodbye to the endless hours spent scrubbing, mopping, and tidying up. With Molly Maid taking care of the cleaning, you'll have more time to focus on the things that truly matter – whether it's spending quality time with family and friends, pursuing your passions, or simply enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. Stress Reduction: Cleaning can often be a source of stress and overwhelm, especially when juggling work, family, and other responsibilities. By outsourcing your cleaning tasks to Molly Maid, you can alleviate this burden and enjoy a cleaner, more organized home without the stress and hassle. Healthier Living Environment: A clean home isn't just aesthetically pleasing – it's also essential for maintaining a healthy living environment. With regular cleaning from Molly Maid, you can reduce allergens, dust, and germs, creating a cleaner and healthier space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Customized Cleaning Solutions: Molly Maid understands that every home is unique, which is why they offer customized cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a one-time deep clean, regular maintenance cleaning, or special cleaning services for a specific area of your home, Molly Maid has you covered. Gift of Time: Perhaps most importantly, a $1000 gift package from Molly Maid is the gift of time – time to relax, time to recharge, and time to focus on the things that bring you joy. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent with young children, or simply someone who values their free time, Molly Maid's cleaning services give you the gift of more time to live your life to the fullest. It's the perfect gift for anyone looking to simplify their life, reduce stress, and enjoy more time for the things that truly matter. See more information on their website:

1000$ Parc Omega, Quebec

Parc Omega, nestled in the beautiful countryside of Quebec, is a haven for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. For animal lovers, Parc Omega offers a diverse range of activities that provide up-close encounters with a variety of indigenous wildlife species. Here's what you can expect to experience at Parc Omega: Wildlife Drives: Embark on a scenic wildlife drive through Parc Omega's vast natural habitat, where you'll have the opportunity to observe and interact with a wide array of animals in their natural environment. From majestic deer and elegant elk to playful wolves and mischievous foxes, each encounter promises to be a memorable and enriching experience. Dining with Wolves: For a truly unique dining experience, Parc Omega offers the opportunity to enjoy a meal in the company of wolves. Situated in a rustic lodge overlooking the wolf enclosure, guests can savor delicious cuisine while observing these magnificent creatures up close. Sleeping with Wolves: For the ultimate adventure, Parc Omega also offers the opportunity to spend a night in the wilderness, sleeping in a cozy cabin amidst the sounds of nature. As part of the experience, guests may have the chance to sleep with wolves nearby. Interactive Encounters: Throughout Parc Omega, visitors can participate in a variety of interactive encounters and feeding sessions with select animal species. Whether hand-feeding carrots to friendly deer or petting adorable farm animals at the petting zoo. Nature Walks and Hiking Trails: These tranquil pathways offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural landscape and observe native flora and fauna at your own pace. See their website for more information:

parc omega.jpg
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