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Acadie Nouvelle

Un nouveau concept au Nouveau-Brunswick appelé 《cimetière vert》 pourrait voir le jour à Champdoré, plus particulièrement dans le secteur de Renauds Mills. Click on the PDF link below

By Mario Tardif, Thursday March 2nd 2023

IIL - Press - Acadie Nouvelle

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Radio Canada

''Our remarkable green cemetery in scenic New Brunswick, Canada, as showcased in a captivating radio feature on Radio-Canada. Dive into the interview to gain insight into our eco-conscious approach to burial grounds, where nature and remembrance intertwine harmoniously. Explore the link below to learn more about our commitment to sustainable practices and preserving the serene beauty of our final resting place."

Link: Radio Canada

Published: Monday May 15th, 2023

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Global News

"Two friends from New Brunswick who share deeply rooted beliefs about the importance of protecting the environment and honouring those who have died are now offering people a greener burial option they say is growing in popularity across the country."

By Shelley Steeves  Global News

Posted December 11, 2023 4:48 pm EST

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A green burial could mean forgoing embalming, using a biodegradable casket or a shroud and burial in a natural cemetery with biodegradable grave-markers...

Link: CBC

Published: Tuesday May 09th, 2023 

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Radio Canada

Les représentants de la maison funéraire et des cimetières Les Jardins du Souvenir annoncent que toutes les nouvelles sections de leurs cimetières seront désormais réservées à l’inhumation d’urnes et de cercueils biodégradables...

Link: Radio Canada

Published: May 8th, 2023

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