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Life -Celebration - De la Vie is a forest cemetery in New-Brunswick. We take pride in providing a peaceful resting place for your loved ones.


We believe that a final resting place should not only preserve the memory of those who have passed, but should also preserve the environment for generations to come.


That’s why we use biodegradable Capsula Mundi urns, which contain the ashes and regulate the pH levels to ensure there is no pollution. The ashes are placed in the ground and marked by the existing trees, ensuring a respectful and natural resting place.

When we lose someone we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind. 

- Unknown

Family enjoys a peaceful moment on a bench in a diverse forest at Green Cemetery New Brunswick, embracing nature.

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What is a forest cemetery?

Life Celebration Green Cemetery is a cultural and community-based project, which envisions a diff...

What Our Families Say

“I am happy to know this service exists because I did not relate to traditional ceremonies in my area. To know we can have this beautiful final resting place is a great step forward for our community"

Anonymous - Anonyme

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